The East tunnel is exclusively for light vehicles with 2m-clearance height and features two decks each with three lanes. The first section, however, opened to traffic in July 2009 and the second section opened in January 2011.The A86, including the A86 West, has been built to relieve traffic congestion and improve traffic links between the suburbs of Paris. Using a Mixshield the TBM could be configured to operate through differentTunnel boring for the first section was completed in October 2003 and fitting out of the tunnel as well as remodelling the A13 toll plaza was started in April 2004.The ventilation system for the first section was completed in 2006. Bonnard & Gardel provided consultant engineering services for the project (geotechnics and hydraulics) and multi-service vehicles were provided by TECHNIMETAL.The A86 West project involved two tunnels, the East and West tunnels. Duplex A86 L'info en temps réel @DuplexA86 #DuplexA86 Nous contacter ou obtenir votre badge télépéage. There are also five emergency shafts: Prieuré in Marnes la Coquette, Carrousel in Versailles, Viroflay railway station in Viroflay and Porchefontaine in Versailles (here there is also an ERA).It is of extreme importance that the tunnel has a smooth traffic flow rate and the mechanisms to quickly respond to any emergency events. The system was developed and is marketed by the Marioff Corporation.The East tunnel has 13 ERAs with smoke evacuation vents and interconnecting stairways. France, RB-PIM, Simpra, Bonnard & Gardel, TECHNIMETALWest Tunnel: 5.5km long, single deck, two lane tunnel With just one level of traffic the West Tunnel has an extraction system in the top of the tunnel and a fresh air ventilation system at the bottom.The west tunnel has 31 emergency refuge areas and 13 of these are smoke evacuation ERAs. Cofiroute have great experience in motorway construction and operation having done so with 890km of motorway in France up to 2001. This is achieved partly through an information system that automatically collects traffic data such and speed and density of traffic. Ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 8h à 19h . A86 (sometimes called "Paris super-périphérique") is the second ring road around Paris, … Ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 8h à 19h . Utilising a laser guiding system the TBM follows a precise boring course which cuts an average of 30m every day.

If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website.The A86 West will form the final link of the A86 ringroad around Greater Paris. In the East tunnel these are split by a vertical partition to provide extraction on one side and fresh air ventilation on the other. En 2009, la section de 4,5 km entre Rueil-Malmaison et l'autoroute A13 est ouverte. Il est également proposé un abonnement avec un tarif dégressif suivant le nombre de trajets par mois (jusqu'à -35 % à partir de 10 passages par mois). Boutique de Rueil-Malmaison 318, avenue Napoléon Bonaparte. Seven of these arch segments comprise to make a ring together with one keystone. However, there have been some historical issues which have seen the debate as to how best reach a solution continue for 30 years. After rejecting 22 proposals the A86 West underground solution was accepted as a viable solution.The French State granted Cofiroute the concession for the A86. L'autoroute A86, ou A86, est une autoroute française assurant le contournement de Paris. The second section between Pont Colbert and the A13 interchange was due to open in 2010. The emergency systems also include four emergency shafts including: Hauts Bénards and Bois de l’Etat emergency shafts in Rueil Malmaison; and Place Berthet and Le Butard emergency shafts in La Celle Saint Cloud.Both tunnels use HI-FOG fire protection technology, which is a high pressure sprinkler system that produces a fine mist of water (droplets 50–120µm) to damp down smoke or extinguish and cool fires.The system only uses water which is non toxic. It features an intermediate intersection with the A13 motorway.The West tunnel accepts all vehicles including HGVs, its smaller internal diameter allows for two carriageways, one in each direction with the same ventilation system being used.The tunnels were constructed using an all-terrain, made-to-measure tunnel boring machine (TBM) fabricated and supplied by Herrenknecht of Germany. Also in general the A86 Ring is the one to avoid (dangerous when no jammed, when jammed it is jammed for hours). The A86 West Tunnel forms the final link of the 80km A86 ringroad around Greater Paris. We use them to give you the best experience. Over these a joint is fitted over the whole circumference to guarantee water tightness.This construction technique provides an extremely strong and rigid structure that can easily handle the stresses placed uponAbove and below the traffic lanes ventilation systems have been installed (31 in this 4.5km section). There are also 18 interconnecting stairways for emergency use in the tunnel. En outre, il y a une réduction de 30 % pour les utilisateurs faisant du Un second recours a été déposé à l’ouverture de la seconde portion du tunnel, pour lequel le jugement sera rendu cette fois par le tribunal de Cergy-PontoiseInterdiction d'accès aux motocyclettes (2 et 3 roues), aux poids lourds, aux véhicules GPL et GNV, aux véhicules d'une hauteur supérieure à 2 Les Nouvelles des Yvelines, page 9, mercredi 5 janvier 2011.

Alex, l'animateur web vous informe et répond à vos questions > [email protected] The A86, including the A86 West, has been built to relieve traffic congestion and improve traffic links between the suburbs of Paris. Boutique de Rueil-Malmaison 318, avenue Napoléon Bonaparte.

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