Having attended science lectures at Columbia University's Physics and Chemistry departments for many years, I can competently judge when a brilliant man can communicate with such ease as to be way above the rest.

Although the accomplishments in my life have been varied and plenty, many have come with no guidance or benchmark from a public role model who looked and sounded like me — it’s almost like I’ve been creating a universe from scratch with every success. There is only one bad thing about Cosmos and that is that after watching it, you won't be able to watch another documentary without thinking that "Cosmos was better". Was this review helpful?

His love of the subject was always apparent, and although his knowledge was overwhelming, his presentation of it never was. Cosmos satisfies those interested in astronomy, life sciences, history, philosophy, sociology -- so wide is the breadth of topics it covers.

Carl Sagan is known world-wide for being the most effective teacher ever.

However, I did not watch the series until 2005 but I read the book since 1997 and 1998.

6 out of 7 found this helpful. This series is based around his novel by the same name, which is the the best selling science book of all time.

This time, twenty-seven years later, I am more than impressed.

This apple pie is an homage to Carl Sagan, so relish it while you gaze out into the cosmos and think about how amazing it all is, and how amazing apple pie all is. Yes, apples are healthier and nutrition wise better than a piece of chocolate cake.

Remove plastic wrap from the pie and place in the center of the lined sheet pan. – Bighouse. The study had shown that majoring in all fields of science, particularly those in astrophysics, astronomy,space exploration, rocketry engineering (rocket science) etc... And there was a development of a new field of science, "Exobiology" which is the research and study of extraterrestrial life. Who else could reveal the Universe to us so eloquently? Will we ever find proof of such life or will we somehow destroy ourselves? Granny Smith apples are preferred because they are tart and that balances the sweetness from the baklava filling. Make all the jokes you want about Sagan's plosive enunciation of "billions" (which he always did to make it distinct from "millions"), Sagan defined what makes great science television for a generation. 3 out of 3 found this helpful. Although given that engineering was listed as the most popular major, the field of science was not among them.

Place honey syrup ingredients in a pot, stir often and heat until syrup come to a boil and turn off. Current emotes from this set cosmosApplePie. I consider myself lucky to have seen this series and I will continue to watch over the years again and again. Apple Crisp Pie "Loved this pie, and my wife—from a long line of pie makers :) —called it award-winning!" 4 out of 4 found this helpful. Just saying the name evokes memories of science's best and most eloquent educator, Carl Sagan.

Such apparently disassociated issues as deciphering hieroglyphics from ancient Egyptians and accompanying the Voyager spacecraft along its planetary tour meet up in these wonderful series. Was this review helpful? 2 out of 2 found this helpful. ** Se vuoi ammorbidire ulteriormente le mele per il ripieno, poi farle cuocere per 2-3 minuti nel forno a microonde. It is quite a goal to hit and it is done masterfully. Use kitchen shears to trim any dough overhang from both the lid and the crust, using the edge of the pie plate as a guide for trimming. 77 out of 80 found this helpful.

So this year, I’m grateful for all the Asian voices and individuals that are finally being heard and celebrated around the world: from movies like Creating a recipe on this blog requires a lot of time and financial resources.

If you are like me and many other of course, wondering about our place in the cosmos, and if there is life on other planets, our history from the beginning and until today and where we will go from here if we doesn't destroy ourselves. The extraordinary increase of interest was a directly related to highly successful Cosmos series and to the magnificent foresight and knowledge of the "Super-Genious" Dr. Carl Sagan. If you think his "45-minute rants" would put most audiences to sleep, then I suggest you never had to go through university. 99 out of 103 found this helpful.

Promozioni, nuovi prodotti e offerte. I recently picked up all the episodes of Sagan's series, which impressed me greatly when I first watched it in my early 20s. I thought that maybe I was missing something — I’d already read Steve Jobs’ biography when it had come out several years ago; despite many hailing him as a visionary because of that book, I instead walked away with the impression that he was kind of an asshole. Was this review helpful? I like Carl Sagan prophetic statements and warnings.

He makes the Earth sound like a total paradise.

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