Because contact surfaces in your dental operatory can act as an easy transmission route for germs, proper cleaning is critical in helping to reduce the threat of cross-contamination.

Kerr Dental offers specialised lead-free x-ray aprons with thyroid protectors and panoramic ponchos that achieve the same protection as leaded equipment, with 30% less weight! Endodontic irrigation systems are a critical ally to the success of your root canal cleaning and shaping procedure.

From dental matrices to composite modelling instruments, the all-important dental dam and clamps, interdental wedges, multi-functional floss and any other accessory you have come to rely on for your daily work, discover our Kerr Restorative range of quality, smart and versatile dental restoration accessories.Endodontic shaping is arguably the most important step of your endodontic procedure. In our range you will find ISO tapers or orifice openers, stainless steel hand files or rotary NiTi files to allow you to always achieve control, simplicity and peace of mind, whatever the technique you prefer.Kerr Endodontics' obturation systems and filling products are unmatched in quality and ease of use. With the help of dental floss, the dam is lightly stretched over every tooth to be isolated. As an added convenience, these dental alloys work with any amalgamator, so no new equipment is required. By browsing our website, you consent to our use of cookies and As well as using an alternative air source and high-volume vacuum, a rubber dental dam is placed when possible to ensure that no amalgam particles enter the mouth during filling removal. Whether you require a flowable composite, universal dental composite, or Single-Fill™ composite system, Kerr’s products provide superior handling, versatility and excellent results, making dental restorations undetectable and enjoyable.Our dental curing lights are purpusefully designed to optimise polymerisation of all resin based composite materials used in your dental work.

The low-abrasion perlite paste allows you to achieve excellent results in one step while being gentle on enamel and dentine.

Dental waxes and orthodontic wax products that afford you safe, efficient and reliable application. Copyright Notice, Dental dams come in lots of different colors. Login for Price. This is why dentists everywhere depend on Kerr for their dental restorative needs.The efficacy of a dental rubber dam clamp depends on its ability to grip the tooth firmly, thereby preventing the clamp or dam slipping.

Kerr’s dental X-ray holders universal systems are compatible with all commonly-used brands, types and sizes of film/phosphor plate or digital imaging. They also help to reduce the use of chemicals, which may help to increase the longevity of your equipment and furniture. We offer you products of the highest quality, guaranteeing your dental clients a safe, reliable and comfortable experience that lets them know that they are in good hands. Kerr Dental is proud to offer a full line of porcelain and titanium wax carvers in a variety of sizes and sets. Choosing your dental composite is a key step in your restoration procedure. Furthermore, from impression materials to alginate mixers, impression trays and accessories, our long history of developing state of the art solutions that cater to the expectations of experts in the field of dentistry means you will find what you are looking for in our range. Try Kerr Dental’s Take 1 Advanced VPS for accurate and detailed impressions that avoid the common mishaps of other impression methods.Whether you seek a quality temporary dental cement or permanent option, Kerr Dental has you covered. This isolation technique is a time-saving dental rubber dam placement alternative for the restorative treatment of Class V cervical lesions. Worldwide distributor of dental and medical healthcare products, services and supplies. The ability to temporarily bond restorations, crowns, or bridges allows dentists the time they need to create more permanent restorations without sacrificing patient comfort and dental function.

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