Moreover, this sports activity instills them the feeling of patriotism and gives a lot of confidence in teamwork.There are a lot of games that can be organized as part of the special day. You can take your kid with you at any of these places and participate in the celebrations. Kids will have fun practicing reading, writing with this free printable. Of course, interesting movies can make a lasting impact on the understanding of perspectives that students have about the subject.This is a really interesting activity that can be totally exciting for entry-level middle school and high school students.
I love this easy to set up Independence Day building activity! Followed by flag hoisting, it is very common to sing the national anthem together which triggers the spirit among kids.Teachers and parents can take initiatives beforehand to help the kids memorize the national anthem so that they can sing along with all proud and happy feeling.The Vande Mataram poem has a great significance on this special day as we know how our freedom fighters got inspired and motivated with this beautiful creation all through the freedom struggle. India is the country ,that can be divided into different … Flag Hoisting. Actor-duo Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan may be expecting their second child, at least, that’s what their joint statement hints at! If you are thinking about how you can ignite the patriotic fervour in your kids, you are at the right place. You can buy books related to the freedom struggle, about freedom fighters or other important national leaders. You can come home and read these books together with your kid.You can find out various historical places in your city and plan a trip with your kid.

The personalized t-shirts designed through hand painting can add more thrill and make the day special. You all know about the rules and regulations of the normal relay race. You … The organizers can take effort to make the food menu based on themes by including tricolored food items.Theme based games can be made part of the party and the winners may be presented with a national flag. You can organise such competition on Independence Day too. One of the best ways to do so is by telling the kids about the importance of Independence Day. All rights reserved. In the following article, we shall discuss various activities that you can plan for kids of the various age groups to explain to them the importance of our Independence Day.Here are some interesting activities for kids that they can actively participate in and understand the importance of Independence Day:Independence Day celebrations are incomplete without hoisting the tricolour.
Teachers can use this chance to help kids to have a closer look into the incidents in history.Letting them know about how our freedom fighters give their best to get us the freedom through interesting scripts can make them feel proud of our heroes. Young children love to sing and dance, and this way they will know the importance of Independence Day too.Theme party is a great idea to teach kids about Independence Day. It can be anything from vocals, shadow dancing, or drama to classical dance performances which can grace the occasion. Kids can take this opportunity to enact any prominent happening in the history that showcases patriotic feelings. In this Independence Day special relay race, the kids have to run with national flags and they have to pass it to the team member to take it all the way to the final spot.They can have a lot of fun while the physical exercise keeps them strong and healthy. Hoisting the tricolor is the first and foremost activity that is done in any institution … Kids can run from one corner to another while music is played and they have to remain in the current corner when the music stops. The children can come dressed up in traditional dresses from across the country. The information on this website is of a general nature and available for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider. Flag Hoisting. Kids can dress up as freedom fighters in this special fancy dress competition. They can hold various props or even dress up in tricolour clothes for a better impact. Similarly, the concept of diversity can also be seen when different kinds of trees support each other for survival.Kids will be really interested to take part in quiz competitions and Independence Day special quiz can be even more interesting. Why not plan a historical walk to that place with the kids? Plan for various theme-based party games and hand out the national flag as gifts to the winners.This is one of the most fun Indian Independence Day activities for kindergarten and preschoolers. Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. To lay emphasis on the importance of Independence Day keep the topics that revolve around sovereignty and freedom.

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