Remember to take selfie standing in front of the "Arcos da lapa" mosaic.

The area around the arches is taken over by hundreds of stalls selling all manner of tempting treats to eat and drink, from fresh-baked pizzas and beers to Northeastern acaraje and fruity-but-potent cocktails. For a change of musical scene, it's worth checking out the Wednesday night Forro sessions - this popular weekly event is a great place to get aquainted with this sultry musical style from Brazil's northeast. A taxi will be easy to get at the end of the night on either of these streetsThanks for this detailed input, Alisdair. I don't really want to be walking down deserted side streets.But you have the same idea that I want to do- walking around and soaking up the atmosphere.The vibrant streets are Mem de Sá, Riachuelo and the street he's probably referring to is Rua Joaquim Silva, where the Selaron Steps are located. Today, the club continues to attract live music lovers, with regular samba sessions packing out the vast dancefloor.

In other words, what street(s) should I walk or hang out at and feel safe and be all right? A mezzanine balcony provides ample space for sipping drinks and chatting - should you be able to make yourself heard over the pumping music. Not that it can't happen, but I've felt safer there in the past months. With the wallet, I may bring my ID and some cash, but I'll place it in different pockets. On your left is another side street which will also be in full party mode. Rua do Lavradio was one of the first streets to be built in Rio de Janeiro back in the 1770s, and its handsome colonial buildings offer plenty to offer architecture buffs. I know Lapa is going to be crowded in the main areas, but I also know that supposedly, it's not safe in the surrounding areas or in the small side streets. Alongside an extensive cocktail list, some tempting finger food.

If you go to an empty street, this is not where the action is.This is a very complete guide (in portuguese though):You do need your wallet to pay your expenses, so bring it. Apart of the street party, Lapa is full of bars, pubs and nightclubs where surely everyone is going to find their preferable place. I do want to check out one venue, but probably just hang out outside and people watch and stuff like that. An eclectic musical menu takes in electro-heavy club nights, more gentile jazz-fests and live samba sessions, and downstairs dancefloors are packed well into the small hours almost every night of the week.

This Pub Crawl goes through the best spots of L… From there, go back down towards the plaza but turn left going through the arches. Get answers to your questions about Rio de Janeiro I think near the arches should be fine, right? there is a street party.

), drinks and a cold “chopp” (tap beer, in Brazil) to refresh from warm weather of Rio. Groups of friends may want to opt for the mixed platter, which includes tasty finger foods such as rosemary and garlic breadsticks, focaccia, sundried tomato paste and little oven-baked pastries.In the heart of Lapa but a little off the main drinking and dancing circuit, this lively cafe-bar-cultural center is a top spot for a daytime coffee and cakes or a night time drink and a spin on the artfully-appointed dance floor. Lucy says, Don't leave Rio de Janeiro without strolling the historic streets of Santa Teresa and checking out the crazy nightlife of nearby Lapa.Partiers looking to discover the hedonistic heart of Visitors looking for the historic heart of Rio won't find it by the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, but in the heart of downtown Lapa.
Rio de Janeiro is one of the world's great party cities, and Lapa is its hedonistic heartland. And I'm assuming I can just walk around and find a taxi to get me back to Walking around Lapa at night with a camera and a wallet-full of money looking for a taxi? Even if you have two left feet it is worth a visit here of State website, are not accepted for proper identification at clubs and bars.
To make your life a little easier, we in Free Walker organize a Pub Crawl Rio de Janeiro in Lapaevery Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Photo courtesy of Lucy Bryson Fittingly, many of the buildings have been converted into antiques stores, while others now serve as bars and restaurants.

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