The M32 northbound exit slip road will remain closed while the structural damage is assessed. The slip road will remain closed/ Picture: Google Maps M4 junction 18 eastbound exit slip road closure Road users will be advised to leave the M4 at junction 19, then follow the M32, A4174, A420 and rejoin the A46 at Cold Ashton H���]K�0����rMr�Ѥ ���0P,x!^t[7��5��ߛd��Y�^�Mrr��='-=m]=+'���s�乚�#-���ˊޖ�)]mz��0uU�Ӫ=9���^ӄ.c4�+"8�$��Vi�p M��4�ȡ��Ie��2�A�=\B��C.�5��|V�Ǒ�]��c�OPܤɹOv�&��X8 �v�X��K��k�~-MrG�{��68 �πmȅ��@����,�J��!�(L冠�۔.�*n�|�=Di²- H#@�Dd�M��%�O{����9a�+�R/�愯�����.�Ȼ�Y�E����?�����m���ƥ)�-�e_����t� ; h�b```c``�g`a`�� Ā B�@Q� �����OD�< `g`>���X $�(� �԰�����k��I��5 ��3*2l��A��``y ����� ����9} D��@� ��= h�bbd```b``�"'�هA$�X�,�L����`r�����KA$�H�UH�������Hh� ���� �K? Crews used four breathing apparatus for safety and two 45 mm jets and two high pressure hose reels to extinguish the fire.Police and Highways England were also in attendance and the M32 slip road was closed. We’re not accepting or processing road closure applications for … Highways England has warned motorists heading into Bristol on the M32 this morning to expect delays after last night’s fire caused “severe damage” to the slip road at junction 2:Drivers wishing to use the M32 to head into Bristol are being warned to expect severe delays this morning as a nearby fire has caused severe damage to the northbound exit slip road at junction 2 (Eastville).The fire, underneath the northbound slip road, was reported at just before 10pm last night.


“The fire burned at an incredibly high temperature with the potential to cause damage to the structure. T���!�G׷:��U(����!2N�ס$�ٖ�jۿ�4#�w�����.�x�?�Ţru�o�Ĝd����zW�� ��4� endstream endobj 99 0 obj <>stream Time to clear: The event is expected to clear between 05:30 and 05:45 on 11 Aug 2020. The M32 northbound exit slip road will remain closed while the structural damage is assessed. h޼�[o�H���h�KU$J��dW�6�,?�0K,��lw7��=g��P�:춲�Ǟs�3g>����0�9#B��DG �$I$s ��5QƂ4�X��D̀��|��p��Z�4�J­C�"�*E��أ���BW"��� �`��"""�!޽���ڬ����ϲz�I]~�WW����wE�NWt��x����0����yJ���͐��`1��>���8��|��#Q�ӛt��g�ǚ�Hґo��:^�ˊHA�E^__O�@tD0e�# ʻt��,[����s_������,����1:��U6�K���|���%Q�ަOMBPbE��_�f�*�M]���.Y���U�g�V�Τ�>�8}��a^e��qVV��cZ�0a�~J&a�cN�߿՘�'$�ϒ�9T�.��V=b�Suu�n��V������@2c=:U�Y�\��q�����[p~Wpۧ�����]� Dcc��Z{'%�Q��1�mw$��s�J���6F$����њv�s�Qu/dI�[�&�&�2L��&�_���{̑�-G�u���֮>�ͺ�m��i��wΠ�6ul N�Yjx? ... (Almondsbury Interchange) to J19 M32 J19 (Bristol). H���MK�@���/xI�n�c6�@��BE!�x�m��6�$E���xhJ��&�����ΆI\�K��Yx�:OHo6I�������&��,�j.-��\G���=^��Ѕ�����E�0 �n ҉��!���Wo��,�)r�&G�'���B��� ���I�]�xtP�0�W�NW�+(�Ĺ� ���b2�{�����f=`8�|�rm�q���7�kY��Mb�V�$y��XTK�cg���H�'?��97���qWV��w�s�-����g�t��uX�s�yCUΗhJT�� endstream endobj 96 0 obj <>stream The completion of a new composite bridge over the M32, engineered with structural steel beams and a reinforced deck, plus 900m of new bus lane works were also incorporated into the scheme.
In the coming days, a platform will be erected on the underside of the slip road to help us further assess, monitor and inspect the bridge. Current roadworks and road closures. The northbound carriageway was closed … Traffic is also at a … Ourexplains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Lanes closed: All lanes are closed. Lane … Delays are expected in the area throughout rush hour so drivers are advised to approach with care on approach to the motorway.That concludes our live blog - have a nice evening. West Berkshire M4 Live Travel Updates Tue, 11 Aug 2020 22:02:16 GMT As such, it is not currently safe to allow traffic to drive over it.
If you have any concerns or issues regarding the closure of the M32 junction 2 northbound exit slip road please don’t hesitate to contact us, by calling our customer contact centre on 0300 123 5000. endstream endobj 97 0 obj <>stream You can unsubscribe at any time. Return to normal: Normal traffic conditions are expected between 05:30 and 05:45 on 11 Aug 2020. The service said that this was at the M4 Eastbound and M32 Northbound at Junction 19 Bristol. By

The blaze in the back yard of the Tesco Extra supermarket in Eastgate Road, Eastville, has left the M32 northbound junction 2 exit out of action since February 23.

;�E\!�j�$!zB{�,':��R�a�K����u�,#Q�W��6��9 RP���TI���aT�I��CAt��ՊucW��ٹ`1��]]�����]U���Ѡf

Congestion to past J3 into Bristol City Centre.A safety inspection of the bridge is being conducted, but the authorities are saying that the slip road is likely to remain closed for some time.The fire happened underneath the junction in a car park. We’d like to thank drivers for their continued patience while this work is ongoing.”

The M32 was initially closed between J3 St Pauls and J2 Eastville, with delays reaching the M4A section of the M32 was closed northbound on Sunday night due to a fire, with the slip road still shut on Tuesday morning amid Highways England said emergency services were on the scene while the motorway was closed between J3 St Pauls and J2 Eastville.If you see anything on the roads which we should be covering then make sure to get in touch. The M32 is a motorway in South Gloucestershire and Bristol, England, which at roughly 4.4 miles (7.1 km) is one of Britain's shortest.It provides a link from the M4, a major motorway linking London and South Wales, to Bristol city centre and is maintained by Highways England, the national roads body..

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