Will they wash the neighbours cars?

– RoosterMoney, can help you stay organised with your chores, but also make it educational for your kids, find out more here – RoosterMoney – if you want to start with a good old fashioned printable chore chart to stick on the fridge, we think that’s a great idea too, and we’ve got a customisable one you can use right here.

Ultimately, if you can make that connection between earning, saving and then spending, that’s a really powerful lesson. So if you tie it chores, and they end up with no money, you’re denying them the chance to practice managing it (See These are the main schools of thought we’ve come across in talking to thousands of parents around the world:, where you literally set a price per chore and pay once they’re done, where chores don’t have an individual value, but they need to do all of them to unlock their allowance at the end of the week, or do a portion of them to unlock a portion of their allowance, the idea that as part of the household you need to do your chores regardless of monetary reward.

There’s also the undeniable truth that kids (well all of us really) respond pretty well to incentives, so dangling the carrot of cash can genuinely help you get the chores done around the house a lot quicker, and potentially with a lot less nagging too!The key argument against paying for chores is that kids should do their chores around the house regardless. We did once dock pocket money when one refused to do anything to help all week but not a direct link. The answers can be quite varied – We have kids on the app doing everything from from shoveling snow off the drive, to waxing surfboard.

It’s a great lesson to prepare kids for the real world and can help instil a sense of pride and confidence if they manage to save a lot of money by working hard for it.

Having said that, there are certain trends we’ve seen amongst our users, so this table showing the average pocket money per age should be a helpful guide.There is also the other approach of ‘paying-per-chore’, in which case you can sit down with your kids and agree a price for each job enabling them to earn different amounts each week depending on what chores they do. You’ll be getting jobs done quicker around the house (and maybe even save some time and money), and your children will enjoy earning money whilst learning some valuable lessons.

Children should grow up knowing that wherever they live, they need to ‘pull their weight’ and do their bit for the upkeep of the house.

If you do decide to link pocket money to chores, it’s a good idea for the chores to be regular– for example, tidying up the bedroom daily or weekly, putting out rubbish bins each week, feeding the family pet each day, washing the car each week …

Let us know at RoosterMoney transforms the way you manage pocket money by making it easy for parents and fun for kids. We use cookies to help our site work, understand how it's used, and to deliver targeted information to existing and prospective customers.

– they are tools out there that can help with your chore routine (like, ahem, RoosterMoney), but there’s no getting around the fact you will need to be organised to make the routine work. It can be a great insight into their attitudes to money, or maybe just competitive spirit!Here are some other useful words of wisdom from other parents we’ve spoken to along the way: – when you’re deciding what chores to give them, don’t assume they can’t do certain things, let them try it and see how they get on.

We very occasionally pay them to do a big chore (eg pressure wash patio) but not for “every day” ones as that’s just part of being a family. This should get the entrepreneurial spirit flowing, and be fun for the kids.

This should get the entrepreneurial spirit flowing, and be fun for the kids. Or make sure the house is sparkling from the attic to the basement? You’re giving the child money each week to give them hands on experience of managing it, learning lessons about not spending it all at once, saving it up for a goal etc. The good news is, once you’re in a routine, you won’t look back. If you have any questions, or recommendations on tips to add please get in touch at

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