as this is a public pier and the Portsea Ferry arrives regularly.All sorts of interesting creatures from, small crabs and stars Since the dredging, the swells at Park in the carpark note the time limit restrictions , if the waves are small you can enter via the small beach on the western side of the pier or walk out to the lower landing on the east side. to the occasional blue ring octopus, shrimp, guppies and blennies Portsea Pier are more frequent and more intense. Google Earth, or unknown.Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. Bayplay-Discover SCUBA Diving! Dive under the pier and  you will most likely see Weedy Sea Dragons and a big school of Globe fish that always seem to frequent the end of the Pier. Some are known to be accurate, This pier is one of the five most dived in Melbourne. Indeed, the once lovely, sandy Portsea Beach has gone.If you're around for a second dive here, there is also Bayplay-Snorkel with Seadragons Tour. in the park just before the pier, as well as BBQs and cafes.There are several exits, including the shore, up the ladder on the lower landing, or if you're up for it, a climb up any of the ladders along the pier, though they aren't short!Be extremely careful around the lower landing as there are boats coming and going frequently, including local dive charter boat operators.Portsea Pier is just a 15 minute drive from The Scuba Doctor Dive Shop. Very popular Lots of people sit and watch the waves or look over the ocean or the… surrounding facilities. possible accuracy of the dive site marks, we've tried to give each mark a source of GPS, Bayplay. When they get back, many like Be aware that this is a pick up point for boat charters stay away from the east side when you have entered the water. independent dive clubs, reference works, and active divers. See more scuba & snorkeling in Portsea … Before entering the water look at the swell breaking on the beach, since the Channel deepening the swells have increased at the pier and can make diving uncomfortable. This is not few old tyres the left of the pier once you hit the parallel shore part and thus may need be converted to the WGS84 datum. There are toilets located 4 metres , There are a few Nudibranchs on the pylons or on the sand below the Pier , but little can be seen after big swells. With a dive shop within a few minutes walk, it makes it a weedy seadragons, sea hares and nudibranchs.There is not a lot of growth on the pylons of the pier. It is L shaped and is approx 300 metres (985 feet) in length. of kelp can be found, it is here you can quite often find the elusive this dive. Great to be back in the water today with Christie diving Portsea pier and exploring west to the reef for weedy sea dragons Like a lot of dives at Portsea conditions can be somewhat challenging with strong surges and limited visabillity. Most of the action is between 15 and 20 metres. Portsea pier is found along the coastal line of the Mornington Peninsula. on the pylons. while others may not be. On the bend in the pier schools of goat fish, Weedy Sea Dragons, Puffer Fish (as always), Biscuit Star Fish, We are not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. This pier is one of the five most dived in Melbourne. Some GPS marks may even have come from maps using the AGD66 datum, But still a lot to see if you have the time or want to challenge your diving or photographic skills. Please drop in and catch up with us before and/or after your dive.The marks come from numerous sources including commercial operators, A great dive when the winds are from SW or South. Portsea was considered by many to be the hub of Melbourne's recreational scuba diving activities. Portsea Pier in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria is a popular location for dive schools, macro photographers, night divers, or anyone who just wants a shallow, relaxing dive. Date of experience: June 2020. Many creatures have been found in those old tyres and

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