Listen out for the Queen of the Night’s famous Act I aria, which practically requires vocal acrobatics.A handsome prince sets out on an adventure to rescue a damsel in distress.

Again the music is in a simple diatonic style. It’s incredibly difficult so the aria is a great piece for a soprano to show off their skills.You might also know the Papageno/Papagena duet from the movie Mozart wrote themes for each of his characters, so you can often tell someone is coming before they reach the stage. The melodies are beautiful, and there are a whole lot of notes!When Mozart lived in Salzburg, the emperor is said to have remarked of his music:“Too beautiful for our ears, my dear Mozart, and vastly too many notes!”To which Mozart supposedly replied: “Just as many as are necessary, your majesty!”Mozart’s operas do include lots of decorative notes, often sung very quickly. With Ulrik Cold, Josef Köstlinger, Irma Urrila, Håkan Hagegård. In the second act of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's opera "Die Zauberflöte" ("The Magic Flute"), the Queen of the Night descends upon her daughter's room in her father's palace. The last piece of music he ever wrote was his famous Requiem, which he claimed to be writing for himself! With the support of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Hm!' The music: Mozart wrote beautiful melodies, often with lots decorative notes. The queen would like to see her husband, Sarastro, dead. Music:Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLibretto:Emanuel SchikanederPremiere:Vienna, September 30, 1791 First performed only two months before Mozart's death, The Magic Flute is the story of true lovers who must survive magical ordeals before they can be together. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

They sound impressive to the audience and are difficult for the singers. By 5 December Mozart was dead after a short illness. ... Hm! , there is a longer passage for the First Lady as she presents the prince with a golden magic flute that he can use to protect himself from danger. Flute Sheet Music.

The notes go up and down in steps and this forms the melody.

A very famous German composer and child genius. The Magic Flute was written in 1791, the last year of Mozart’s short life.

Directed by Ingmar Bergman. Describe the style of the music at his point. Start studying Mozart: The Magic Flute. She demands her daughter, Pamina, be the one to accomplish this task. The music is mainly simple melody-dominated homophony (melody and chords). The priest Sarastro’s music is deep, low and slow, while the Queen of the Night’s music is fast, agile and very high.It features an abridged version of Mozart’s score, with a charming new English translation by Opera Australia mounted the production for the first time in 2012, building the props and scenery in-house.Mozart conducted the première and felt the opera was an immediate success, writing to his wife to say, “But what always gives me the most pleasure is the silent approval! Hm! You can see how this opera is becoming more and more esteemed…”Sadly, Mozart died just two months later of a terrible illness which caused his body to swell (although conspiracy theorists throw around theories about poison, historians believe it was most likely rheumatic fever). Listen carefully as the overture is inspired by the number three, the symbolic number for the fraternal organization of Freemasonry of which Mozart was a member.

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